The recipe

A Finely Balanced Blend of Welsh Water and the finest botanicals

Cygnet Gin is distilled using only the purest of Welsh Water.
Wales is in abundance of beautiful fresh water and the water in these Welsh hills is one of the finest and purest in the world.

We’re proud to claim that Cygnet Gin is made using the purest water, and every bottle is crafted with love and a purity that can only come from the historic, mythical and magical Welsh Hills that we live in.

the botanicals

A carefully prepared blend of the finest botanicals sourced from all over the world is what gives Cygnet Gin its unique flavour


Angelica root


Cardamom Seeds

Coriander seeds

Juniper Berries

Lemon Peel

Licorice Root

Lime Peel

Sweet Orange Peel

orris root

pink grapefruit peel