Hand-Crafted Welsh Dry Gin




Cygnet Gin doesn’t try to be something that it’s not, but what it is, without trying, is wonderful. Our master distiller has expertly blended herbs and spices individually selected and flown in from the farthest reaches of the Earth, in the same spirit that his forebears did before him.
The finest grain spirit is infused with a symphony of high quality ingredients in a handmade copper still using the finest Welsh water, using traditional methods to deliver an unadulterated, unpretentious, and unequivocally great taste.


Cygnet Gin is crafted by Master Distiller Dai Wakely from the finest botanicals. These ingredients have been perfect over time and although you can witness the individual ingredients here for yourself, the exact recipe is tucked away under our Master Distiller’s pillow at night, clutched close to his chest every day and will be passed down through the Wakely heritage and history so that Wakely’s in years to come will also know of the purest and truest Original Cygnet Recipe.


It’s no surprise that Cygnet Gin is fast becoming a firm favourite among wholesalers, bars and pubs not only across the UK, but also overseas. To see a full list of locations that stock our gin, click the button below.

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